At the Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory (CHANL), researchers use electron microscopes and other powerful imaging tools to do science—which sometimes also turns out to be art. Some of these images are of nanoscale devices with many uses; others are simply beautiful. Others use scientific equipment outside the lab to gain a new view of the world around us.

Each year, a competition at CHANL gathers images by scientists. Through May 19, you can see a selection of the entries to the 2014 CHANL Scientific Art Competition in the John and June Allcott Undergraduate Gallery in Hanes Art Center. Also, the winners will remain on display in the floor 2 lobby of Chapman Hall until next year’s competition.

Click here to see a complete online gallery of the 2014 entries.

Carrie Donley is director of the CHANL Instrumentation Facility, which is part of the Department of Applied Physical Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences.