Succession failures are more common in high-tech because the dynamic nature of the market and the intense competition requires constant innovation.”
—Arvind Malhotra, in Without Steve Jobs, how will Apple fare?, Los Angeles Times

People can co-exist with this disease for years.” [If the liver begins to fail, however,] “people can go downhill pretty quickly. When you hit the wall, you hit the wall.”
—Richard Goldberg, in Jobs battles with rare pancreatic cancer, privacy, USA Today

We don’t want kids to ‘go on diets;’ we don’t want kids to use diet language.”
—Cynthia Bulik, in ‘Maggie Goes on a Diet’: A Kids Book About Dieting? Not Without Controversy, Time

“Congress has always felt a greater sensitivity when it tries to regulate something related to the Supreme Court. The tradition is that the Justices can be trusted to deal with these issues themselves.”
—Michael Gerhardt, in Partners, The New Yorker