“Basically what we’re finding is that with increasing BMI (body mass index), from overweight to obese, the immune response to the vaccine is not as robust as it is for individuals who are at a healthy weight.”
—Melinda Beck, in Weight may hinder flu vaccine’s benefits, The News & Observer

“Manners are often a way of distancing and maintaining space. If someone is polite, you better be careful and consider what that politeness veils.”
—William Ferris, in A Last Bastion of Civility, the South, Sees Manners Decline, The New York Times

“Compared to the earthquake that destroyed much of Haiti, the scale of disaster in Christchurch may seem small. Christchurch, however, was constructed using much better technology and engineering practices, raising a very sobering alarm to other major, high-density western urban centers.”
—Jonathan Lees, in New info about New Zealand quake has grim details, MSNBC.com

“Jesus believed the whole system was corrupt. The people who ran things were empowered by the evil forces of the world, and his followers had to work against these powers by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and caring for the sick.”
—Bart Ehrman, in WWJD about Occupy Wall Street?, The Houston Chronicle

“In antiquity, it is not surprising to learn of spouses or members of a family dying at the same time: whenever epidemics such as the Black Plague ravaged Europe, one member of the family would often die while the family was trying to bury another member.”
—Kristina Killgrove, in Roman-era couple held hands for 1,500 years, Discovery News