Microscopic image of a mouse's T cells.

Team Science for Turner Syndrome

The NC TraCS Institute and a Translational Team Science Award help collaborators uncover what could be the cause of painful chronic ear infections that plague people with chromosomal and genetic conditions
Photo of a researcher in a 360 projection room, looking over London.


The Renaissance Computing Institute’s social computing rooms aid researchers and professors
Photo at the coast of the Pamlico Sound.

Get Off My Lawn

A UNC researcher strives to give real advice to the Albemarle-Pamlico community about its peskiest neighbor: saltwater
Old photo of professors Tom Clegg and Hugon Karwowski in the lab with their students during the 1980s, conducting a tandem accelerator experiment.

Secret Sauce

Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory, the only lab of its kind in the Southeast, powers a collaboration among UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, and Duke for 50 years
group photo of the researchers behind the NCGENES project.

The NCGENE Genies

Navigating the ethical issues and medical uncertainty of genomic sequencing
Microscopic image of a cell from James Bear's lab.

Comprehending Chemotaxis

James Bear uncovers the intricate mechanisms that allow certain cells to move, discoveries with implications for cancer metastasis.
Photo of Oliver Smithies congratulating Aziz Sancar, holding one another's hands.

A Nobel Win

Aziz Sancar attributes his award-winning success to those who collaborated with him over the years.
Photo of Emma Kelly holding her hand out of a well in Kpendua, Ghana.

Will Work for Water

From New Jersey to North Carolina to Ghana, an undergraduate researcher follows her passion to improve access to clean water.
Split photos: Left shows a dashcam view; looking at from the from of the car at the road and the backend of the car in front. Right image shows a young teen driving with her father.

Better Backseat Drivers

The UNC Highway Research Safety Center pushes parents to be a driving force.
Overview map displaying the Rocky Mount properties after Hurricane Floyd and where the floodplains were during that flood. Many of the new developments are in the floodplains.

Come Hell or High Water

How one UNC researcher aims to limit flood risk through floodplain buyouts.
Photo of a researcher hold a small lobster in their hand.

Sparking IDEAs in the Geosciences

Most young scientists don't get the opportunity to do field work until college. The UNC Environmental Resources summer program is working to change that.
Detailed image of a cop wearing a body cam.

Files for Miles: Body Cams Cause Big Data Problems

Requiring police officers to wear cameras isn’t quite as simple as it sounds.