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July 2016
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Blood, Sweat, and Tears
  In 1981, researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill found themselves at the epicenter of a perfect storm — people with hemophilia, a painful disease that causes bleeds in the joints and requires weekly blood infusions, were contracting HIV through their treatments. But it was the curiosity of one man nearly 30 years prior that set in motion events that would open a vast field of research at UNC and draw in hundreds of researchers across the university.  


Through the Looking Glass
UNC's computer science department laid the groundwork for 3-D computer-generated graphics and continues to push the boundaries of virtual environments today.

Hedging High Stakes and Human Behavior
How the UNC Highway Safety Research Center changed America's driving behavior — saving lives and making our roadways safer.


Kings of Chemistry
How an unexpected discovery transformed the world and made Morehead, Venable, and Kenan household names at UNC-Chapel Hill.


Women in Science Wednesday

Diane Pozefsky is a research professor and director of undergraduate studies in the UNC College of Arts & Sciences Department of Computer Science. Pozefsky's expertise includes software engineering and the social, legal, and ethical issues concerning information technology. She also helped build the networks for the 1998 Nagano Olympics and the IBM Corporation.

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#ResearchUNCovered on Instagram
  The BeingThere Centre focuses on telepresence, or how to make distant people seem like they're in the same room using virtual and augmented reality. Here, Rohan Chabra — a member of UNC's telepresence research group, led by computer science professor Henry Fuchs — monitors a display while the telepresence room runs through an HTC Vive.

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Getting to Know the American Presidents: Emeritus UNC College of Arts & Sciences history professor William Leuchtenburg talks his new book, 20th-century presidents, and the personal experiences that shaped his understanding of them. (Endeavors)


Natural Hazards in North Carolina:
Natural hazards damage infrastructure, hurt the economy, and even cause fatalities — that's why so many UNC researchers from across campus develop programs, technology, and plans to mitigate the damage. (UNC Research)


  "We have learned a lot and made advances, and we hope that we now have the tools to begin to chip away at the persistent [HIV] virus that remains in patients and requires them to maintain lifelong antiviral drug therapy." — David Margolis, principal investigator of the Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE), which just received $23 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health to cure AIDS (EurekaAlert!)  


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