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October 2016
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Detective Work Deep in the Earth
  Seismologist Berk Biryol takes a crack at understanding how the earth is moving under the Southeastern United States.  


Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Extraterrestrials
At what age do children recognize complex emotions? Kristen Lindquist and Misha Becker explore this question in a new study.

Carving Creativity
Anthropologist Silvia Tomáöková studies South African rock engravings to unearth the creative process of some of that country's earliest inhabitants.


Scraping for Secrets on Online Drug Forums
Online forums provide an outlet for drug users — and researcher John D. Martin, III, believes that studying these platforms could address abuse.

Women in Science Wednesday

Geographer Elizabeth Olson has some great advice for fellow researchers: "Taking classes across the humanities and the social sciences will give you the skills to quickly assess different perspectives and serve as a translator when your research team gets stuck on discipline-specific language." Her research on youth caregivers requires her to work with a variety of professions such as medical researchers, school social workers, family caregiving activists, and students. To read more from our Women in Science Wednesday series, click here. To recommend a scientist, please use this form.



  It turns out you donít need a drone to create an aerial survey ó a little creativity and ingenuity can go a long way. Here, Evan Goldstein and Elsemarie deVries, both researchers in the Coastal Environmental Change Lab, fly a kite with a suspension rig holding a Canon camera. The camera points straight down at the ground and takes a photo every three seconds. The hundreds of images are then stitched together to create a topographic mosaic of the sand dunes.

#ResearchUNCovered gives a behind-the-scenes look at student and faculty investigations. To see more research photos, follow us here on Instagram.



Powerful Results: Chancellor Carol Folt talks about UNCís extraordinary research advances — what she calls "zingers," or imaginative ideas that produce scientific breakthroughs — in fields such as biomedical engineering, cancer, and Big Data. (Higher Education Works Foundation)


Studying the Human Brain Like Never Before:
Four UNC researchers received five awards totaling more than $7 million from the National Institutes of Health to address neurological and psychiatric conditions such as depression, Alzheimerís, and schizophrenia. (UNC Health Care)


  "In 30 percent of patients Watson found something new. And so thatís 300-plus people where Watson identified a treatment that a well-meaning, hard-working group of physicians hadnít found." óNed Sharpless, in an excerpt from the "60 Minutes" special, "Artificial Intelligence." Lineberger Cancer Center has partnered with IBM to use artificial intelligence to diagnose disease and find the best treatment.  


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