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February 2017
Endeavors UNC Research
Research and creative activity at UNC-Chapel Hill

Photo by Mary Lide Parker

Celebrating Darwin Day

For over a decade, UNC scientists have committed to sustaining and protecting the unique species and ecosystems in the Galápagos Islands. In honor of Darwin Day — a celebration of the renowned naturalist’s research — here’s a look at some of the iconic wildlife and cutting-edge research found in this archipelago.

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Without Warning

In North Carolina, roughly 32 people die unexpectedly every day. UNC cardiologists examine death certificates to learn why.

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The Long Game

How and why does a company like Pepsi continuously sponsor an event like the Super Bowl? Jonathan Jensen explains.

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Seeking Solace through the Screen

Anonymous online chat therapy for people with bulimia nervosa proves effective.

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Women in Science Wednesday
Photo by Mary Lide Parker

"If no one challenges what has always been said or done, we aren’t doing our jobs,” says Marketa Burnett, a senior McNair Scholar who researches the concept of inferiority amongst African-American youth and its effects on educational outcomes.

Check out other researchers from our Women in Science Wednesday Series, or recommend a scientist to be featured.


Photo by Alyssa LaFaro

UNC junior Haley Moser and alum Theo Jass, now an environmental scientist at NC State, gather their gear to test water near a local farm in Lumberton, North Carolina. This research is part of an NSF RAPID Grant to test water contamination levels after Hurricane Matthew.

#ResearchUNCovered gives a behind-the-scenes look at student and faculty investigations. To see more research photos, follow us here on Instagram.



UNC Clean Tech Summit

Innovation, clean energy, food, and water — these four themes embody the goals of North Carolina's clean tech industry and are also the focus of the fourth annual UNC Clean Tech Summit, which takes place March 2-3 at the UNC Friday Center. (Endeavors)

Old Well, New Dimension

Anthropology professor Steve Davis and his colleagues at the UNC Research Laboratories of Archaeology spent days at McCorkle Place photographing every inch of the Old Well to create a virtual 3-D model — a process that's led to a new, digital museum. (University Gazette)

Sound wave surveying scares fish (CBS North Carolina)

Oliver Smithies, 1925-2017 (Nature)

Coming soon: a new protein-based asthma inhaler (New Atlas)

The basic mechanism of DNA repair (

Americans drive less, sit at home more (The Atlantic's "City Lab")


"We haven't had a way to detect the biomarkers of autism before the condition sets in and symptoms develop. Now we have very promising leads that suggest this may, in fact, be possible."

— Joseph Piven, the Thomas E. Castelloe Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, on his first-of-a-kind study using MRIs to predict autism in infants before symptoms set in

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