A Day in the Field

How does a beach recover after a hurricane? What are the outcomes of natural processes versus man-made interventions? These are some of the questions posed by Elsemarie deVries, a PhD student in the UNC Coastal Environmental Change Lab. Using a variety of approaches, deVries investigates the interactions between different dune-building processes. Now she is taking her expertise to a South Carolina beach recovering from the effects of Hurricane Matthew.

Elsemarie deVries flies a kite out on the beach with a camera attached to conduct an aerial survey
deVries obtains an aerial survey by flying a kite with a camera attached to it. The camera takes approximately 200 to 400 photos that are then stitched together with software to create a topographic model of the area. “You can measure changes in dune volume alongshore, not just in one line,” she says.
March 14th, 2017

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