And All that Jazz

Discussions of sixteenths, scales, and solos rang through the rooms of Kenan Music Hall during the 2017 UNC Summer Jazz Workshop, led by music professor Stephen Anderson. Those who attended were of a variety of ages, skill levels, and backgrounds — a true testament to the universal language of music.

Some students were involved in theory and improvisation courses, while others focused on jazz history, many receiving college credit during the five-day event. All participants had the opportunity to enjoy evening concerts performed by talented guests, professors, and peers. Some of the same students return each year, sure to receive a unique experience each time — that’s the beauty of jazz.

a young man plays the pianophoto by Holly Roberts
Many students used short breaks between sessions to practice their improvisation skills — the main focus for many attending the workshop, as an understanding of music and jazz theory is key. Professors Stephen Anderson and Jim Ketch masterfully led the jazz theory and jazz improvisation courses at the workshop.
July 14th, 2017