Alyssa LaFaro

Toys. Workplace safety. Women. Science. Alyssa LaFaro brings a unique — and vast — set of writing experience to the editorial roundtable at Endeavors. As the magazine’s editor, she develops and leads content production, manages social media platforms, and creates both written and visual stories that share the awe-inspiring research of UNC’s faculty.

She began her journalism career in Upstate New York. From Toy Fair in New York City to the National Safety Convention in Orlando, she’s written about everything from art supplies to educational materials to the top-five most dangerous professions. In Syracuse, she managed a women’s lifestyle magazine and discovered her passion for helping people — from promoting independent business owners to raising funds for cancer warriors and girls overcoming eating disorders.

Her favorite stories to write are simply those about people with passion spilling out of their pores, whether a nuclear physicist crazy for nuclei or the world’s leading expert on Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Posts by Alyssa LaFaro:

The Nursing Pioneer

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting Elizabeth L. Kemble, founding dean of the UNC School of Nursing. After becoming dean in 1950, she recruited faculty, oversaw construction of a building and dormitories, and even handpicked the first class of students. She spent the next 18 years dedicating her life to this school, making it the first in the state to offer a bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD in nursing.

Without Warning: Why Do People Drop Dead?

In North Carolina, roughly 32 people die unexpectedly every day, their loved ones devastated not only by loss but the inability to say goodbye. To help prevent these tragedies, UNC cardiologists examine death certificates, medical records, and emergency medical services data  to determine which populations are at risk of sudden death, and why.

One Foot in Front of the Other

From summertime strolling to political marching, the act of walking has greatly influenced social practices for hundreds of years. UNC historian Chad Bryant discusses these topics in a new book, “Walking Histories: 1800-1914.”

A Caregiving Community at Carolina

A new program funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation strives to create better work-life balance for UNC physician scientists who have extreme caregiving needs at home.