Health: Conquering Physical, Mental, and Public Challenges

Alyssa Grube

Alyssa Grube is a PhD student in the Department of Environmental Sciences & Engineering within the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Her research focuses on detecting antibiotic-resistant genes in the Galápagos Islands to better understand the effects of human-caused pollution on bacterial communities.

Keyaira Crudup

Keyaira Crudup is a junior majoring in biomedical and health science engineering within the UNC/NC State Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering. Her research focuses on improving the walking speed of aging individuals by training them to increase the amount of force they use to push themselves forward.

Ashley Ward

Ashley Ward is the climate integration and outreach associate for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments program, based out of the Department of Geography within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. Her research focuses on identifying and increasing awareness of the health impacts from extreme climate events in the Carolinas.

Kira Griffith

Kira Griffith is a sophomore majoring in neuroscience within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. Her research focuses on understanding the effects of music on the brain. Specifically, she strives to learn why music therapy seems to benefit so many people of all ages and with varying sets of neurological conditions.

Stepping Into the Lab

Jackson Richards learns how to build a successful research project and implement skills acquired in the classroom.

Just Jump In

Kou Yang lets curiosity guide him into the research lab at the Gfeller Center, where he’s uncovered his desire to become an athletic trainer.

An Unforgettable Experience

This week, UNC celebrates University Research Week — an annual campus-wide event packed with lectures, workshops, and undergraduate research stories designed to promote awareness of research opportunities at Carolina.

Yanni Lai

Yanni Lai is a PhD student and graduate research assistant in the Department of Mathematics within the UNC College of Arts & Sciences. Her research focuses on using algorithms to identify mechanical problems within the heart.

Rishma Shah

Rishma Shah is a craniofacial engineer and assistant professor in the Department of Orthodontics within the UNC School of Dentistry. Her research focuses on using a patient’s cells to engineer facial muscle for implantation.

Making Rounds in Rocky Mount

UNC researchers have teamed up with counterparts at the University of Chicago, community partners, and local teens to map businesses in Rocky Mount and help the public discover resources in Nash and Edgecombe counties.