2017 UNC Clean Tech Summit infographic: The 4th annual summit, held March 2-3, will bring together professionals in business, policy, and academia from across the region for discussion, workshops, mentoring, and networking for foster leadership and growth in the Southeast's clean tech industry. Attendance: 2014- 309 attendees; 2015- 503 attendees; and 2016- 646 attendees. Why North Carolina?: Innovation- Exploring the role that universities play in driving innovation through research and public-private partnership. 350 plus clean tech companies employ 10,700 people in the Triangle. Local universities produce 32,000 graduates annually, with a high concentration of engineers and technologists. Clean Energy: Understanding how clean energy and clean technology innovations stimulate economic growth and transform both urban and rural regions. 2nd largest solar state in the nation. Of the 689 public- and private-access biodiesel funding stations nationwide, more than 18% are in North Carolina. Food: Highlighting the new technological breakthroughs that advance global food security and increase sustainable farming. North Carolina's agriculture business brings more than $78 billion into the economy each year; 17% of the state's income. More than 20% of the North Carolina's labor force works in the agriculture industry. Water and Energy: Advocating the value of water and exploring the water-energy nexus. In 2006, 33 North Carolina public utilities had reclaimed water programs. Hydroelectric dams provide more than half of the electricity generation from renewable resources in North Carolina. Featured speakers: Roy Cooper, Governor of North Carolina. Carol L. Folt, Chancellor of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. William Kamkwamba, Author of "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind." Megan Neligan, Project Finance Analyst at Cypress Creek Renewables. Adam E. Bergman, Senior Vice President at CleanTech Banking at Wells Fargo. Fran O'Sullivan, General Manager at IBM GBS Global Operations. Follow the event on Twitter with #UNCCTS16. Download the Clean Tech Summit app.