Women in Science Wednesday (WSW) 2016 Infographic: The Women in Science Wednesday series features a different UNC researcher each week whose focus falls within the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. This year’s series has been an immense success, highlighting the work of various female researchers at all levels of their careers, from a variety of departments across campus. 48 women in total participated; 12 undergraduate students, 2 masters students, 10 PhD students, 4 postdoctoral researchers, 6 administrative leaders, 10 professors, 1 physician scientist, 1 doctoral candidate, and 1 research associate. Crossing 8 centers & institutes, 29 departments, and 5 UNC schools and the College of Arts & Science. 8,000 plus pageviews on endeavors.unc.edu. 21 WSW features have received more than 9,000 impressions on Twitter. 9 of the 12 months that year, our WSW posts to the "Top Tweet" spot on UNC Research's Twitter. UNC Research has received more than 285 Facebook likes since starting the WSW series. All researchers were asked: "When you were a child, what was your response to this question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" - Archaeologist, architect, artist, astronaut, ballerina, bank teller, chemist, computer scientist, cook, detective, designer, diplomat, doctor, documentary filmmaker, dog breeder, engineer, food critic, garbage truck driver, historian, lawyer, life-long student, marine scientist, Minnie Mouse, naturalist, paleontologist, park ranger, pastry chef, philosopher, pro basketball plater, pro softball player, pro swimmer, psychologist, radiologist, scientist, singer, spy, teacher, veterinarian, writer, zookeeper. Describe your research in 5 words: (featured researcher's responses) "Are hungrier crabs less afraid?" by Jenny Hughes, undergraduate, environmental science. "Climate + humans = wildfires + pollution" by Uma Shankar, research associate, Institute for the Environment. "Climate patterns from ancient trees." by Erika Wise, professor, geography. "Very small gizmos and gadgets" by Nancy Allbritton, chair and professor, biomedical engineering. Advice for Fellow Researchers: (featured researcher's responses) "Involve your family in the things that excite you. When my kids tell me to bot give up on a difficult problem at work - even if that would mean less time with the - that brings tears to my eyes." by Eliana Perrin, associate vice chancellor and professor. "Surround yourself with good people - wise, kind, grounded people, who are genuine with you, and relate with you - that's more important than whatever is written on your CV." by Kriti Sharma, PhD candidate. "In some of my computer science classes at UNC, I was one of the only girls in the class. Don't be discouraged to intimidated by the lack of females in your department. We can accomplish anything." by Pranavi Sanka, undergraduate. "You can't always know everything, but that's okay. Learning happens all throughout life, so embrace what you know today and strive to discover something new tomorrow." by Francesca Peay, undergraduate. "Support, mentor, and sponsor other women!" by Cynthia Bulik, professor and director. "Learn a bit about politics, theatre, or literature. Learn how to code, how to design beautiful maps, how to build things." by Margaret Jones, graduate. Thank you to all of UNC's talented female researchers who made this project a success. Women in Science Wednesday will continue in 2017. Stay tuned.