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January 2013
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Isolation Desolation
UNC demographer Yang Yang finds a new link between our health and our connectivity to friends, family, and social groups.
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  yang yang  

student taking test

More AP Classes May Not be Better
Study: you don’t need 10 or 12 college-level courses to get into UNC.
  sandy hook memorial

Helping Children Heal
How kids cope with trauma and what educators can do to help.
  zena cardman

Exploring Life's Limits on Earth
How life survives in places it seemingly shouldn't. (UNC home page)

signal to noise

10: Signal to Noise
We know more about fragile X syndrome than any other piece of the autism puzzle. How close are we to a cure?
  the deal with DHA

9: The Deal with DHA
How do the nutrients we get in the womb and in the early parts of our lives affect our brains?
  ease of buying booze

8: The Ease of Buying Booze
Underage drinkers buy alcohol using a sophisticated technology called the internet.

water worries

7: Water Worries
The top 5 water problems facing North Carolina and the world.
  people of the book

6: People of the Book
Carl Ernst explains some of the Qur'an’s most confusing passages.
  future of the outer banks

5: The Future of the Outer Banks
North Carolina's barrier islands are on the move.

driving through time

4: Driving Through Time
The Blue Ridge Parkway as you've never seen it.
  introducing EoE

3: Introducing EoE
An esophageal disease that's on the rise and tough to diagnose.
  swamp fox

2: The Swamp Fox
Bland Simpson: the unofficial chronicler of the Outer Coastal Plain.

1. Life Along the Line
A photographic portrait of America's last great steam-powered railroad.
  life along the line  


serena hackerott

"From Lionfish Hunter to Little Miss Marine Biologist:" Serena Hackerott blogs about her Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship experience. (Office for Undergraduate Research)


rachel myrick

Rachel Myrick is the latest UNC-Chapel Hill winner of the Rhodes Scholarship.
The student body V.P. and Morehead-Cain scholar has worked in a domestic violence shelter in Belize, designed and taught her own course at Carolina, and organized a TED conference on campus. Radio program The State of Things speaks with Myrick about her experiences. (WUNC-FM)

  Playing favorites: Stories that will stay with me through the New Year. (Mark My Words)  One word or two: Three confusing expressions, explained. (Blargon Jog)  


  "It's not like all the businesses that used to be in Washington state found it now way more worthwhile to relocate to Idaho and take advantage of the lower minimum wage."
—T. William Lester, in New Year Brings Minimum Wage Hikes in 10 States (National Public Radio)



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