Lindsay Dubbs

Anchoring Communities

Lindsay Dubbs conducts research in the Outer Banks to protect marine ecosystems.
Seth LaJeunesse

RUNC: Seth LaJeunesse

Seth LaJeunesse researches safe and healthy modes of transportation.
Patricia Gensel

Adventures in Ancient Plants

Patricia Gensel has spent her career studying 400-million-year-old plants at Carolina and across the globe.
Ashley Anderson

RUNC: Ashley Anderson

Ashley Anderson studies risky politics in dangerous places.
Heesoo Jang

Just the Facts

After helping create a fact-checking service in South Korea, Heesoo Jang continues to improve trust between readers and the media at Carolina.
Herrison Chicas

Legacy in Labor

Herrison Chicas explores how children of immigrants carry their parents’ experiences into the workplace.
Lightning Czabovsky

RUNC: Lightning Czabovsky

Lightning Czabovsky studies how the media depicts diverse audiences.
Clockwise from top-left: Edwin Kim, William Miller and Vivian Go, Shawn Kneipp, Laura Jacox and Sugar, and Andrew Satterlee, Shawn Hingtgen and David Kram

Let’s Get Clinical

Researchers across Carolina manage clinical trials to get novel treatments and interventions into the hands of those who need them most.
Abel Abraham uses a dropper to create a water droplet

Drop by Drop

Abel Abraham shares his journey from being a first-year student during the pandemic to becoming an award-winning mathematics major.
Mia Foglesong

RUNC: Mia Foglesong

Mia Foglesong unveils the mind-bending mysteries of psychedelics.
Carrina Macaluso throws her cap on the stage in Moeser Auditorium

That’s a Cap!

Undergraduate researchers from Carolina’s 2024 graduating class share how research has shaped their college experience.
Carl Rodriguez

RUNC: Carl Rodriguez

Carl Rodriguez studies how stars live, move, and die.