Michelle King

A Wok Through Time

Michelle King unpacks the life of Chinese culinary icon Fu Pei-Mei in her recently released book, “Chop, Fry, Watch, Learn.”
Sid Sheth

RUNC: Siddharth Sheth

Siddharth Sheth leads clinical trials to improve treatments for patients with head and neck cancer.
Lindsey Smith Taillie

A Spoonful of Policy

Lindsey Smith Taillie pushes for healthy food policies across the globe to improve eating habits for families and children.
Lyric Grimes

RUNC: Lyric Grimes

Lyric Grimes wants libraries to be safe spaces for all.
Alan Weakley searches for plants

The Green Thumb’s Guide to Taxonomy

Alan Weakley explains how botanists identify new plant species, their names, and the stories behind them.
Lindsay Dubbs

Anchoring Communities

Lindsay Dubbs conducts research in the Outer Banks to protect marine ecosystems.
Seth LaJeunesse

RUNC: Seth LaJeunesse

Seth LaJeunesse researches safe and healthy modes of transportation.
Patricia Gensel

Adventures in Ancient Plants

Patricia Gensel has spent her career studying 400-million-year-old plants at Carolina and across the globe.
Two researchers document a live stingray on a research boat.

Oceans of Knowledge

From the Caribbean to the Gulf of California to the Pacific, Salomé Jaramillo Gil is willing to travel for her marine biology studies.
Ashley Anderson

RUNC: Ashley Anderson

Ashley Anderson studies risky politics in dangerous places.
Heesoo Jang

Just the Facts

After helping create a fact-checking service in South Korea, Heesoo Jang continues to improve trust between readers and the media at Carolina.
Herrison Chicas

Legacy in Labor

Herrison Chicas explores how children of immigrants carry their parents’ experiences into the workplace.