Clockwise from top-left: Edwin Kim, William Miller and Vivian Go, Shawn Kneipp, Laura Jacox and Sugar, and Andrew Satterlee, Shawn Hingtgen and David Kram

Let’s Get Clinical

Researchers across Carolina manage clinical trials to get novel treatments and interventions into the hands of those who need them most.
Abel Abraham uses a dropper to create a water droplet

Drop by Drop

Abel Abraham shares his journey from being a first-year student during the pandemic to becoming an award-winning mathematics major.
Mia Foglesong

RUNC: Mia Foglesong

Mia Foglesong unveils the mind-bending mysteries of psychedelics.
Carrina Macaluso throws her cap on the stage in Moeser Auditorium

That’s a Cap!

Undergraduate researchers from Carolina’s 2024 graduating class share how research has shaped their college experience.
Carl Rodriguez

RUNC: Carl Rodriguez

Carl Rodriguez studies how stars live, move, and die.
Jim Mahaney & Lauren Leve

Blueprints for Preservation

Lauren Leve and Jim Mahaney partner with Nepalese locals to bring religious heritage sites to life through interviews and digital tools.
Christian Ehret

Lessons in Literacy

Christian Ehret examines how students read, write, and engage digitally to develop and deepen human connections.
Saba Eskandarian

Protecting Your Texts

Saba Eskandarian designs online messaging applications using cryptography, allowing users to report abusive content without compromising their privacy.
Jasmine King

RUNC: Jasmine King

Jasmine King reprograms cells to treat brain cancer.
Kathryn Desplanque pulls a book from a shelf at Davis Library

Beyond the Stacks

Carolina’s libraries are vital for research, fueling projects across the university from art history to health science.
Obed Pasha

RUNC: Obed Pasha

Obed Pasha believes good governance can transform lives.
Keith Sawyer

Creativity in Numbers

Keith Sawyer teaches innovative thinking by studying the psychology of creativity in group settings.