Angel Hsu

RUNC: Angel Hsu

Angel Hsu uses data to drive climate policy.
Ahmad Isaac

RUNC: Ahmad Isaac

Ahmad Isaac craves adventures in geoscience.
Photo of Trenette Goings.

RUNC: Trenette Goings

Trenette Goings believes effective prevention can eliminate addiction.
a field mouse in a hand

Surveying the Smalls

Local biologists team up to study how wetland mitigation affects small mammals.

Algal Rhythms

Isabel Silva-Romero studies how ocean temperatures affect the food web on rocky reefs around the Galápagos Islands.
Nathan Kelete

RUNC: Nathan Kelete

Nathan Kelete wants to use computer science to improve lives.
Deen Freelon, Shannon McGregor, and Daniel Kreiss look at a social media feed on a screen

Democracy in the Digital Age

Researchers at the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life are helping us understand the state of our digital political spheres.
Divya Aikat

RUNC: Divya Aikat

Divya Aikat studies women’s health through new lenses.
Michelle Freeman stands in a cemetery

The Layers Beneath the Church

Michelle Freeman uncovers how clergy and laity revered saints in the fourth to sixth centuries to improve cultural understanding today.
Bret Devereaux

When in Rome

With enthusiasm and ingenuity, Bret Devereaux reexamines the success of the Roman Empire.

Macro Marvels Magnified

A look at some of Carolina's classic research scenes in macro.

Film Beyond the Stars

Five years in, the Cosmic Rays Film Festival continues to provide a venue for experimental filmmakers in Chapel Hill.