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Screen grab showing high school students what its like to live with dementia. Click to start video.

The Dementia Tour

Holliday wants her students to become empathetic caregivers to the older population. To help her students understand what it feels like to be an older adult, or to have dementia, Holliday organizes ...
Illustration of a laptop on a desk with a lamp and bottles of prescription. Laptop is on the Reddit forum for drugs.

Scraping for Secrets on Online Drug Forums

Online forums provide an outlet for drug users — and a source of information for UNC researchers like John D. Martin, III, who believes that studying these platforms may be the key to addressing ...
Palooza is a pink, furry alien with a bow on top of their head. Image depicts Palooza showing for human expressions

Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Extraterrestrials

At what age do children recognize complex emotions? UNC College of Arts & Sciences researchers Kristen Lindquist and Misha Becker explore this in a new study. ...
Silvia Tomášková measures an elephant engraving, preparing to take pictures.

Carving Creativity

UNC anthropologist Silvia Tomášková studies South African rock engravings to unearth the creative process of some of the country’s earliest inhabitants. ...
Berk Biryol observes a large, gray rock.

Detective Work Deep in the Earth

UNC College of Arts & Sciences seismologist Berk Biryol takes a crack at understanding how the earth is moving under the Southeastern United States ...
Screen grab of the produce section. Click to start video.

Science for Safer Food

For the past 10 years, UNC researcher Rachel Noble has been developing technology to keep our food safe from bacteria like E. coli. ...
Scene overlooking a children's playground

If You Build It, They Will Come

As schools move further and further away from cities, the cost of busing continues to skyrocket — but one UNC city and regional planner hopes to change that ...
Illustration of two business men shaking hands.

The New Oil

In the last decade, the world has been hit by a tsunami of data — and the Renaissance Computing Institute is determined to help businesses harness its power ...
Illustration of people lined up outside an office for interviews. Main character has a metaphorical ball-and-chain attached to their leg, labeled "criminal record"

Calculating the Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Experts at the UNC School of Government have developed tools to help determine the long-term consequences of a criminal record ...
Photo of the WonderSphere full of flowers.

World of Wonder

The North Carolina Botanical Garden’s Katie Stoudemire brings the outdoors inside, making nature safe for children with compromised immune systems ...
Tamlin Pavelsky stands in front of a NASA KingAir B200

The Weight of the Water on Their Shoulders

From rivers in the backcountry of Alaska, down the Sierra mountains, up into space, and through commercial waterways in North Carolina — UNC researchers are measuring the world’s water and ...
Visual simulation depicting how energy affects the three states of matter

Bringing Science Lessons to Life

UNC School of Education professor Kelly Ryoo uses visualization technology to make scientific concepts accessible to English language learners ...