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Illustration of Lady Gaga on a stage with an audience and large pepsi logo behind her

The Long Game

We use statistics to analyze almost every aspect of sports on the court, but UNC’s Jonathan Jensen employs statistical analysis to predict what will happen behind the scenes of sports business. ...
Illustration of a brain with multiple icons. The right side represents the arts and the left side represents medical science.

A HHIVE for Health & Humanities

From the UNC School of Medicine to the College of Arts & Sciences, students and professors are abuzz at the HHIVE — Carolina’s new lab for health and humanities research. ...
Vincenc Morstadt was a German visual artist born in 1802. This drawing depicts Wenceslas Square, one of the main city squares and center of the business and cultural communities in the New Town of Prague, during 1830.

One Foot in Front of the Other

From summertime strolling to political marching, the act of walking has greatly influenced social practices for hundreds of years. UNC historian Chad Bryant discusses these topics in a new book, ...
Black and white photo of Oliver Smithies with a great big smile that reads "Oliver Smithies: Nobel Laureate and UNC Distinguished Professor. 1925 to 2017"

Oliver Smithies, Carolina’s First Nobel Laureate, Passes Away at 91

Oliver Smithies, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s first full-time faculty member to win a Nobel Prize and a world-renowned giant in the field of gene targeting, passed away Tuesday, ...
Shawn Hingtgen poses in his lab

A Living Scalpel to Fight Brain Cancer

A new technique uses stem cells to deliver anti-cancer drugs to aggressive brain tumors that are, otherwise, often inaccessible. This potentially life-saving treatment was developed by UNC ...
silhouette of someone with their hands outstretched to a glowing cross

Pentecostalism and Prestige in the Dominican Republic

How did the fastest-growing religious movement in Latin America transform local culture in a Catholic country? UNC anthropologist Brendan Thornton explains. ...
Photo of The Wilmington Ten holding a press conference at Central Prison in Raleigh.

Proving Innocence: Lessons from The Wilmington Ten

In 1971, as civil rights battles raged across the South, 10 young men and women fought for fair treatment within Wilmington, North Carolina’s newly desegregated schools. UNC historian Kenneth Janken ...
Screen grab from the video of the Caregivers meeting

A Caregiving Community at Carolina

A new program funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation strives to create better work-life balance for UNC physician scientists who have extreme caregiving needs at home. ...
Weida Gong collects a water sample for sequencing from the Neuse River

Sequencing the Sea

Marine scientists at UNC are taking a new approach to figuring out why and how microalgae blooms occur in the Neuse River Estuary. ...
Illustration of an astronaut walking from a moon scene to a painting studio scene, holding a paint brush.

One Giant Leap in the Dark

We can’t know how a transformative experience — like walking on the moon — will change us until we make that first small step. UNC philosopher L.A. Paul explains. ...
Picture of the produce section in a Chinese grocery store, similar to a Walmart

The China Health & Nutrition Survey

This pioneering survey from the UNC Carolina Population Center has identified the "nutrition transition" in China now seen throughout industrialized countries. ...
A world map illustration showing areas that Hendree has helped women and children. These areas are The United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, South America, Georgia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh

This Is Your World on Drugs

Hendrée Jones, director of UNC Horizons, works tirelessly every day to help mothers and children struggling with substance use disorders. In the past five years, her work has expanded beyond Chapel ...