a sign at Carvers Gap marking the Appalachian Trail

Backpacking for Bats

Grace Kinder shares her story of guiding citizen scientists along portions of the Appalachian Trail to connect them with nature and one of its most vital creatures: bats.
sargassum floating on the ocean

On the Surface

Claire Johnson explains her studies of microbial communities living on seaweed mats in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream and how they cycle nitrogen.
Arcot Rajasekar

RUNC: Arcot Rajasekar

Arcot Rajasekar harnesses and applies data for the common good.
Alison Curry

RUNC: Alison Curry

Alison Curry studies how the dead impact the living.
Illustration of a giant hand grabbing a frightened woman and child

Seeing the Signs

In response to N.C. ranking ninth in the nation for most human trafficking cases, social work researchers have teamed up with state agencies to prevent trafficking among young people via Project No Rest.
a "help wanted" sign in a business window as people walk by

Where Are the Workers?

Jobs are back, but workers aren’t — and despite increasing wages, young people remain slow to engage. Carolina researchers uncover why.
a view of an algal bloom from above

Up in the Air

Haley Plaas works with local communities to uncover how algal blooms affect air quality.
a water level logger, a microscope slide, a piece of art

Science for the Future

With data spilling from all areas of life, students need tools and training to understand it. The UNC School of Data Science and Society is here to help.
Cheerag Upadhyaya

RUNC: Cheerag Upadhyaya

Cheerag Upadhyaya works to improve outcomes for surgical patients.
Sarah Vickers

RUNC: Sarah Vickers

Sarah Vickers researches “ghost particles” to learn more about our universe.
Esteban Agudo plays pickleball

Volleying Research and Life

From pickleball to LEGO, Carolina researchers engage in a variety of hobbies to escape stressors that come with a career in academia.
Denise Yookong Williams

Healing with Art

Denise “Dee” Yookong Williams uses art to help LGBTQ youth and youth of color process their experiences around suicide.