Plastic toys in various colors are arranged to form the shape of a child's head and shoulders, while gray toy building bricks are used to depict the child's brain.

Everywhere Chemical Exposure

Stephanie Engel uses scans of children’s brains to study the developmental effects of chemicals widely used in plastic products called phthalates.
Madison Davis in a VR head set

Virtual Rehabilitation

Fear of reinjury can greatly increase an athlete’s chances of getting hurt again – but VR techniques developed by Shelby Baez can get them back in the game.
Rose Mary Xavier

The Sciences of Schizophrenia

Rose Mary Xavier uses her multidisciplinary background to improve research access and clinical care for patients with severe schizophrenia.
Emily Grace Thomas

RUNC: Emily Grace Thomas

Emily Grace Thomas researches mental health interventions for student-athletes.
Scott Duxbury

RUNC: Scott Duxbury

Scott Duxbury uncovers vulnerabilities in online drug markets and the policing tactics to limit them.
a researcher in head-to-toe white PPE looks through a microscope

Curated Cancer Care

Carolina researchers are using CAR-T cells to create better and personalized cancer treatments in one of the largest cell therapy facilities on the East Coast.
five images of Roni Sengupta merged into one

The Faces of AI

Roni Sengupta develops AI to modify images and works to make this technology more accessible to everyday creators.
Mohammad Jarrahi looks at a mirror-image of himself made of numbers

An Unexpected Colleague

Mohammad Jarrahi wants to create symbiosis between humans and AI to improve workplace processes.
an illustration of a homeless environment on the left and a home environment on the right

Home Truths

Hsun-Ta Hsu combines machine learning with data and community feedback to determine better housing solutions for homeless populations across the United States.
Nine photos of Thomas Hofweber with a variety of backgrounds generated by Photoshop's generative AI feature

Questioning AI

How will artificial intelligence change the world? This is just one of many questions philosopher Thomas Hofweber hopes to answer.
Aashka Dave

RUNC: Aashka Dave

Aashka Dave studies the relationship between climate data, mis- and disinformation, and the financial impacts of climate change.

RUNC: Yunzhi Hu

Yunzhi Hu studies how banks create and solve problems.