Christina Cruz

Teachers for Mental Health

By combining best practices in education and mental health care, Christina Cruz works to enhance interventions for elementary-aged patients before concerns become crises.
Toshi Hige

RUNC: Toshihide Hige

Toshihide Hige wants to unlock the brain’s secrets for learning and memory.
Daniel Johnson

Active-Duty Journalism

Daniel Johnson uses his research on mental health in the military to effect policy change at the national level.
Mary Kimmel

Taking Care of Moms

Mary Kimmel is a physician researcher, advocate, and mom dedicated to changing the way mothers who need mental health care are perceived and treated.
Nivi Ramasamy

RUNC: Nivi Ramasamy

Nivi Ramasamy unravels the link between obesity and cancer.
Bailey Benson

A Recipe for Black Joy

Bailey Benson’s unconventional cookbook guides readers through much more than recipes.
Claire Bunschoten at the NY Botanical Garden

Extracting Extraordinary Things

Claire Bunschoten spent a year at The New York Botanical Garden unpacking the history and culture tied to one of America’s favorite flavors: vanilla.
Jordan April at UNC's law library

Getting the Lead Out

Jordan April is establishing a national database that will empower residents facing health concerns about lead exposure in their homes.
Tushar Varma

More Than Books

Tushar Varma traveled across 35 states, visiting 85 independent bookstores to learn why they’re so vital to the communities they reside in.
Anderson Al Wazni

RUNC: Anderson Al Wazni

Anderson Al Wazni strives to help communities hit by climate change.
Adam Dameron

RUNC: Adam Dameron

Adam Dameron uses artificial intelligence to prevent human trafficking.
Rhianna Lee

For Her Brother

Upon watching her brother grow up and struggle with cystic fibrosis, Rhianna Lee has dedicated her life to studying the disease.