Wayana Dolan

RUNC: Wayana Dolan

Wayana Dolan researches water mazes in Arctic deltas.
Daniel Gonzalez

RUNC: Daniel Gonzalez

Daniel Gonzalez works to improve medication dosing in children.
Frank Leibfarth reflected in a beaker

Turning Trash into Treasure

Frank Leibfarth tests molecules to turn plastic waste into useful materials, diversifying options for recycling.
Tanya Garcia

Math-Age Daydream

The mathematical puzzles that arise when modeling neurodegenerative diseases fascinate Tanya Garcia, who hopes to solve them to speed treatment development.
Aobo stands with him arms crossed as streams of light go all around him.

Particle Man

Aobo Li's groundbreaking work using machine learning to detect neutrinos could shed light on the nature of our universe.
Jack Sundberg and a batteries

A Crystal Ball for Chemistry

Jack Sundberg has created a software to help chemists uncover the best materials for their experiments — a potential game-changer for minimizing time and costs.
Celine Fei

RUNC: Celine Fei

Celine Fei uses big data to help small businesses.

Wild Things Make Their Hearts Sing

While studying small mammals in the Blue Ridge Mountains, juniors Marie Young and Cole Prezant discover a love for field work.
Gabriel Bump

RUNC: Gabriel Bump

Gabriel Bump writes novels to better understand himself and the places and people he holds dear.

Hunting for Hemlocks

Ken Donny-Clark spent his last semester at UNC-Chapel Hill in the woods searching for a dwindling population of trees that local wildlife depends on: Carolina hemlocks.

Desperately Seeking Salamanders

Two undergraduates search for salamanders in western North Carolina — and find so much more.
Rada Petric releases a bat

All Creatures Great and Small

Rada Petric's love for nature has led her to study how human presence affects the behavior of small mammals like bats and mice.