Patrick Seelinger

Pat Seelinger studies journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill and is the communications intern for the UNC Office of Research Communications. His area of focus is in interactive storytelling, specifically using the web as a unique platform for engaging stories. Pat loves coffee, punk rock and live music, which combine to form a mild case of tinnitus that he’s pretty much gotten used to by now.

Posts by Patrick Seelinger:

Real Sound in a Virtual World

Gaming giant Valve acquires Impulsonic — a UNC-created 3-D sound simulation software company started by two PhD students and faculty within the Department of Computer Science.

The Long Game

We use statistics to analyze almost every aspect of sports on the court, but UNC’s Jonathan Jensen employs statistical analysis to predict what will happen behind the scenes of sports business.

Through the Looking Glass

UNC’s computer science department laid the groundwork for 3-D computer-generated graphics and continues to push the boundaries of virtual environments today

The Music of Discovery

At the intersection of art and science, music professor Lee Weisert creates sound installations that allow audiences to experience the natural world in a unique way.