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Women in Science Wednesday 2017 Infographic

From nursing to economics to computer science, women at Carolina excel in research, mentorship, and advocacy. The 2017 Women in Science Wednesday series highlighted 50 UNC researchers from various fields, at all levels of their careers.

UNC Research Responds to Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew ravaged eastern North Carolina in October 2016. Today, researchers across Carolina engage in storm-related projects on topics like water quality, buy-out programs, and coastal resilience.

2017 UNC Clean Tech Summit

The 4th Annual Summit, held March 2-3, will bring together professionals in business, policy, and academia from across the region for discussion, workshops, mentoring, and networking to foster leadership and growth in the Southeast’s clean tech industry.


Women in Science Wednesday 2016 Infographic

Started in January 2016, the Women in Science Wednesday series features a different UNC researcher each week whose focus falls within the fields of science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. The 2016 series was an immense success, highlighting the work of various female researchers at all levels of their careers, from a variety of departments across campus.

Triple Zeros Initiative

In an effort to be a living-learning laboratory for environmental and energy innovation, UNC-Chapel Hill aims to achieve water, waste, and energy neutrality. The UNC Sustainability Office has been tackling these goals since 2000, but plans to accelerate them with a new initiative called Three Zeroes.

Natural Hazards in North Carolina

In the last three decades, North Carolina has been a steady victim of multiple major storms and flooding, landslides, drought, and wildfires. These natural hazards damage infrastructure, hurt the economy, and even lead to fatalities in some cases — which is why so many UNC researchers from across campus research and develop programs, technology, and plans surrounding these topics.


Sharks of North Carolina

The UNC Institute of Marine Sciences has studied sharks in North Carolina waters since 1972, making it the longest-running shark program in the nation. Since the program’s start, the institute has surveyed more than 7,000 sharks and report that large shark sightings are down.