Safe Water for All

August 15, 2023

From India to Flint, Michigan, Siddhartha Roy has seen what happens when water resources are insufficient and is pushing to drastically reduce lead in drinking water by 2040.

Backpacking for Bats

July 20, 2023

Grace Kinder shares her story of guiding citizen scientists along portions of the Appalachian Trail to connect them with nature and one of its most vital creatures: bats.

On the Surface

July 19, 2023

Claire Johnson explains her studies of microbial communities living on seaweed mats in the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf Stream and how they cycle nitrogen.

Where Are the Workers?

June 26, 2023

Jobs are back, but workers aren’t — and despite increasing wages, young people remain slow to engage. Carolina researchers uncover why.

Up in the Air

June 23, 2023

Haley Plaas works with local communities to uncover how algal blooms affect air quality.

RUNC: Sarah Vickers

May 31, 2023

Sarah Vickers researches “ghost particles” to learn more about our universe.