Posts by rschmidt:

Change Through Stories

March 16, 2023

Nazanin Knudsen uses writing, filmmaking, and small moments in time to reflect on larger cultural discrepancies.

The Children’s Advocate

March 10, 2023

Marcia Edwina Herman-Giddens has spent her career researching hard-hitting issues in children’s health care and has changed the way doctors think about puberty.

Wild Things Make Their Hearts Sing

January 24, 2023

While studying small mammals in the Blue Ridge Mountains, juniors Marie Young and Cole Prezant discover a love for field work.

When in Rome

October 26, 2022

With enthusiasm and ingenuity, Bret Devereaux reexamines the success of the Roman Empire.

Mucking in the Marshes

August 24, 2022

Josh Himmelstein is getting knee-deep in marshes to understand the effects of sea-level rise.

The Sediment Scientist

August 19, 2022

Anne Smiley maps coastal habitats and nitrogen levels to assess water quality and coastal ecosystem health, protecting communities hit by major storms.