Earth: Exploring Our Planet

Film Beyond the Stars

October 20, 2022

Five years in, the Cosmic Rays Film Festival continues to provide a venue for experimental filmmakers in Chapel Hill.

The Community Scientist

October 19, 2022

In his 40 years at UNC-Chapel Hill, the late Ken Jacobson transformed the world of microscopy — and helped countless students and peers along the way.

RUNC: Christian Chung

October 12, 2022

Christian Chung researches how to remove “forever chemicals” from drinking water.

Crouching Researcher, Hidden Sparrow

September 27, 2022

Four students spent their summer in Colorado stalking Lincoln’s sparrows in search of answers to fundamental biological questions.

RUNC: Mike Kunz

September 21, 2022

Mike Kunz unpacks the intricacies of rare plant species for conservation.

21 Days at Sea

September 15, 2022

Junior Stephanie Caddell shares how three weeks on a research vessel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean changed her life.

RUNC: Julianne Davis

September 7, 2022

Julianne Davis studies how water, sediment, and the landscape influence one another.

Mucking in the Marshes

August 24, 2022

Josh Himmelstein is getting knee-deep in marshes to understand the effects of sea-level rise.