Fall 2001

The Politics and Passions of Democracy

September 17th, 2001


A Striking Resemblance

A biologist calls the kingsnake’s bluff.

The Magic of Markers

Tracing troublesome cells.

True to His Words

Drama by the book.

Inside the Young Mind

Learning how learning works.

Bedazzled and Beguiled

Fashioning a new japan.

Politics and Passions

The unfinished business of democracy.

Freedom Writer

This lawman turned outlaw, then wrote his nation’s constitution.

Play Now, Pay Later

The lasting penalties of sports.


The Mystery of Memory

When do we start to remember?

Feeling the Brush

Paintless painting.

Drugs that Don't Mix

A metabolizing molecule.

Heads Up

Harmless heading.

Blackbeard's Cannon

A crusty cannon.

In Print

A Drama Restored

The colony’s comeback.

After Life, Words

Life-giving poems.

Selling a Star

A Latin star.

Isle of the Storm

A stormy history.



Democracy’s magic carpet.