An Unforgettable Experience

This week, UNC celebrates University Research Week — an annual campus-wide event packed with lectures, workshops, and undergraduate research stories designed to promote awareness of research opportunities at Carolina.

November 5th, 2018

Each year, more than 9,000 Carolina undergrads conduct research across 49 disciplines — that’s over half of the entire undergraduate population. These experiences not only help students grow their network and skills, but they also play a vital role in shaping their future careers. Here’s how.

“I can’t stress enough that undergraduate research prepares you for research positions later in life. The things I’m doing right now in this lab are the same skills and techniques I hope I will be using in my future career.” –Jared Richards, junior, quantitative biology

“The biggest lessons for me always lie in the failures. Patience and learning to quickly let go of the disappointments are necessary. If something fails, you just have to take it in stride and make it work.” –Meredith Emery, senior, studio art & geography

“Research really challenges me. I feel like I’m a lot more prepared for what to expect in grad school, and have learned how to balance sports, school, and research.” –Kou Yang, senior, exercise & sport science

“The connections undergraduate research allows you to make are super valuable. I definitely feel like I have an upper hand on getting into grad school and pursuing the career path I want.” –Liah McPherson, senior, biology and cognitive science

The Office of Undergraduate Research facilitates and enriches undergraduate research opportunities at Carolina. Each year, it hosts University Research Week, a massive, week-long, campus-wide opportunity for people to see the exciting research happening at UNC. This year’s event takes place November 5-9. To learn more, visit