Research UNCovered

Research UNCovered is a biweekly series showcasing the many faces of research at Carolina, from undergraduate students to faculty, across all disciplines. Every other Wednesday, learn what inspired our researchers to pursue their field, how they’ve overcome obstacles, and a little about their lives beyond their labs and offices.

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RUNC: Divya Aikat

November 2, 2022

Divya Aikat studies women’s health through new lenses.

RUNC: Christian Chung

October 12, 2022

Christian Chung researches how to remove “forever chemicals” from drinking water.

RUNC: Julianne Davis

September 7, 2022

Julianne Davis studies how water, sediment, and the landscape influence one another.

RUNC: Samuel Akau

June 23, 2022

PhD student Samuel Akau engenders creative, participatory public policies.