2023-2024 Endeavors Magazine

The 2023-2024 Endeavors magazine. Published in October, 2023.

September 15th, 2023

2023-2024 Endeavors Magazine

Cover of the 2023-2024 Endeavors magazine. Click to view a flipbook version of the print magazine.
Circle of Excellence Silver CASE Winner Awards Program seal.

A NASA satellite measuring Earth’s water. A biostatistician using mathematical models to improve clinical trials for neurodegenerative diseases. A PhD student studying the cultural history of vanilla at the New York Botanical Garden. This edition of Endeavors features these UNC-Chapel Hill projects and so much more.

This issue of Endeavors magazine received a silver Circle of Excellence Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education, a global nonprofit dedicated to advancing education to transform lives and society.

The magazine was recognized for its variety of stories, great imagery, and engagement with content beyond the print edition.

Stories in this Edition


an aerial view of the Waimakariri River

Measuring Water from Space

A new NASA satellite is recording the first global survey of Earth’s water cycle with...
Graphic of North Carolina in light blue, carolina blue, navy, and pink.

UNC Research in All 100 Counties

Carolina’s research touches the lives of people in every part of North Carolina. From Alamance...
a water level logger, a microscope slide, a piece of art

Science for the Future

With data spilling from all areas of life, students need tools and training to understand...
Black and white portrait of Brian Boyd.

Rooted: Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd has been contributing to research at Carolina for 13 years...
Esteban Agudo plays pickleball

Volleying Research and Life

From pickleball to LEGO, Carolina researchers engage in a variety of hobbies to escape stressors...
Christina Cruz

Teachers for Mental Health

By combining best practices in education and mental health care, Christina Cruz works to enhance...
Claire Bunschoten at the NY Botanical Garden

Extracting Extraordinary Things

Claire Bunschoten spent a year at The New York Botanical Garden unpacking the history and...
Frank Leibfarth reflected in a beaker

Turning Trash into Treasure

Frank Leibfarth tests molecules to turn plastic waste into useful materials, diversifying options for recycling...
Tanya Garcia

Math-Age Daydream

The mathematical puzzles that arise when modeling neurodegenerative diseases fascinate Tanya Garcia, who hopes to...
Aobo stands with him arms crossed as streams of light go all around him.

Particle Man

Aobo Li's groundbreaking work using machine learning to detect neutrinos could shed light on the...
Photo of Trenette Goings.

RUNC: Trenette Goings

Trenette Goings believes effective prevention can eliminate addiction...

Macro Marvels Magnified

A look at some of Carolina's classic research scenes in macro...
Saroja Voruganti

The Optimistic Nutritionist

Saroja Voruganti uses genetics to improve people’s nutrition — and she’s helping the next generation...

Burdens of Paradise

A broad study looking at food and water insecurity in the Galápagos brings together a...
Emma Reinhardt and Torin O'Brien collect data on birds in a meadow at the base of the San Juan Mountains

Crouching Researcher, Hidden Sparrow

Four students spent their summer in Colorado stalking Lincoln’s sparrows in search of answers to...
Rick Luettich

The Coastal Engineer

Since 1987, Rick Luettich has been building systems to protect the coast from environmental hazards...