Folate — Friend or Foe?

UNC Nutrition Research Institute scientists focus on folate, a vitamin once considered critical for health, to learn how much the body needs to function properly


The UNC community applauds doctoral candidate Ted Mansfield, who won a Best Paper Award from the Society for Risk Analysis in December for his research on air pollution in the Research Triangle
Photo of Madelyn Percy giving a thumbs up as she measures soil drainage on the Galapagos Islands.

Madelyn Percy

Madelyn Percy is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geological Sciences. She is a recipient of the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program and a Royster Fellow. Her research focuses on how rocks weather and soils develop across microclimates in the Galápagos Islands.

The Need for Seeds

The North Carolina Botanical Garden collects seeds to ecologically restore native plant species after natural disasters strike
Portrait of Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson.

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson is an associate professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Her research seeks to illuminate what individuals, communities, and policymakers can do to make the biggest and most lasting advancements in public health by improving the quality of the environment.
Photo of a female UNC researcher working with test tubes in the lab.

Welcome to Women in Science Wednesday

Featuring UNC-Chapel Hill’s female scientists in 2016
Photo of a marine iguana on the Galapagos Islands.

On the Front Lines

To better understand the severity of this year’s El Niño, UNC oceanographers traveled to one of the hardest hit places — the Galápagos Islands
Photo of multiple spears at the British Parliament in November to talk about their findings on trans people in electoral politics.

The Starting Point

The UNC LGBTQ Representation and Rights Initiative has published the first worldwide comprehensive report on transgender people serving in elected office.
Photo of Heather Patterson King talking to students during a PlayMakers outreach program.

Setting the Stage

A lifelong passion for theatre influences one undergraduate student to research how the art form helps children learning to read
Photo of projected Henry Fuchs and Andrew Maimone testing their augmented reality headset that projects a 3D representation of a person into the wearer's view.

The New Social Network

The boom in augmented reality technology could provide easy, 3-D access to friends and family across the globe
Graphic of a Venn diagram (over-lapping circles). The three main circles read "Subatomic Matter", "Symmetries", and "Cosmology & Astrophysics." The overlapping center, which included all of these key points reads "Science at the forefront"

Breaking the Silos

Theorists, experimentalists, and computational scientists will come together to answer grand challenge physics questions at UNC-Chapel Hill’s new CoSMS Institute
Microscopic image of live C. diff cells.

A Big Bite

How a dinner conversation inspired David Courson to refocus his research on drug-resistant infections