Kriti Sharma examines a purple flower with a magnifying glass

Kriti Sharma

Kriti Sharma is a PhD candidate working in the Shank Lab. Her research focuses on understanding the microorganisms in soil that are quietly working to make life above ground possible. As a UNC microbiome researcher, she recently represented the university at the White House’s National Microbiome Initiative launch.
a panoramic image of banana plantation warehouse in Panema

360 Degrees of Storytelling

Using 360 video, journalism professor Steven King creates immersive, technology driven experiences for audiences everywhere
A moose hip bone sits on a a table next to a sketch pad and drawing tools

Scans, Sketches, and Skeletons

UNC School of Medicine rheumatologist Amanda Nelson utilizes her artistic abilities in cutting-edge imaging research to better understand osteoarthritis
Portrait of Molly Fisher on campus.

Molly Fisher

Senior Molly Fisher is an undergraduate researcher in UNC-Chapel Hill’s Geophysics and Climatology Lab. Over the past three years, Fisher has modeled renewable energy sources across North America based off of energy production and cost. She is currently studying the potential of biomass as an energy resource in northeastern North Carolina.
Showing one someones legs and feet, they stoop down to pick up two 40 pound hand weights

Lift More, Eat More, Burn More

Research from exercise and sport science professor Abbie Smith-Ryan shows that lifting heavier weights and eating more protein is not just for men.
Infographic Illustration of a stack of boulders and rocks, looking as though they will fall over. Graphic states "Stopping the Stigma: The rate of suicide in the U.S. is nearly triple the rate of murder. 70% of people who die by suicide have either bipolar disorder and/or depression. 30% of people who die by suicide have either suffered from schizophrenia, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, personality disorder, and/or anorexia. Depression affects approximately 6.7% of the U.S. population each year. Despite the success rate for depression treatment, two out of three people affected do not seek out of receive treatment."

Stopping the Stigma

UNC-Chapel Hill faculty focus on suicide prevention — a difficult topic that needs more voice, education, and awareness.
Photo of Stephanie Zerwas posing at her computer with a smile.

Stephanie Zerwas

Stephanie Zerwas is an assistant professor of psychiatry within the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders. Her research focuses on genetic risk factors, early screening and detection, and using technology to improve treatment for eating disorders.
Illustration infographic. Burger equals 22 water droplets. One water droplet equals 500 gallons of water. Note: An average American show uses about 18 gallons of water.

Platter Chatter

One UNC philosophy professor invites us to question what we put on our plates.
Portrait of Tojan Rahhal.

Tojan Rahhal

Tojan Rahhal is a fourth-year PhD student studying pharmaceutical sciences in the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Under the guidance of Joseph DeSimone, her research focuses on the delivery of therapeutics to the lungs. She is also the chair of UNC’s Women in Science group.
Infographic showing the flow of UNC's drinking water. Step 1: Water is pumped from University Lake and Cane Creek Reservoir. Step 2: It is then treated at the Orange Water and Sewer Authority on Jones Ferry Road. Step 3: After treatment, it heads to the UNC campus.

Reconstituting Rain, Revitalizing Rivers

Water experts within the UNC Sustainability Office and Institute for the Environment strive to make local and statewide water systems healthier, safer, and more resilient.
Blake Hauser poses in a studio

Blake Hauser

Senior Blake Hauser is double-majoring in environmental health sciences and biology, with a minor in chemistry. In January, she received the Churchill Scholarship, a research-focused award that provides funding to American students for a year of master’s study in science, mathematics, and engineering at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on the continuum of care for mothers diagnosed with HIV during pregnancy and the implementation of antiretroviral drugs that can help suppress the virus.
Anna Cliffe poses for the camera outside.

Anna Cliffe

Anna Cliffe is a postdoctoral research fellow in the UNC Neuroscience Center in the School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the herpes simplex virus (HSV) and the effect stress has on reactivation of the virus.