Portrait of Wizdom Powell

Wizdom Powell

Wizdom Powell is a health behavior professor in the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, as well as a trained population health disparities research scientist and clinical psychologist. Her research focuses on addressing the social determinants of health inequities among boys and men of color.
Visual simulation depicting how energy affects the three states of matter

Bringing Science Lessons to Life

UNC School of Education professor Kelly Ryoo uses visualization technology to make scientific concepts accessible to English language learners
Portraits of James Turner Morehead, John Motley Morehead the third, Francis Venable, and William Rand Kenan, Jr.

Kings of Chemistry

How an unexpected discovery transformed the world and made Morehead, Venable, and Kenan household names at UNC-Chapel Hill
Grad Student tests out the virtual reality headset.

Through the Looking Glass

UNC’s computer science department laid the groundwork for 3-D computer-generated graphics and continues to push the boundaries of virtual environments today
Old image of a researcher sitting in a car, with a sign on the top of it saying "7; Driver Education. Captial Area Multi-Vehicle Laboratory"

Hedging High Stakes and Human Behavior

How the UNC Highway Safety Research Center changed America’s driving behavior — saving lives and making our roadways safer
Avery Paxton poses on the beach.

Avery Paxton

Avery Paxton is a marine ecologist, conservation biologist, and doctoral candidate at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences. Her research uses a combination of field, laboratory, and analytical methods to address fundamental, mechanistic questions in marine ecology, such as how species use their habitat and how communities are structured.
Portrait of Meaghan Nazareth on campus

Meaghan Nazareth

Rising senior Meaghan Nazareth is a biostatistics major and chemistry minor within the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. She conducts research with the UNC STARx Program, which seeks to understand self-management and transition from pediatric to adult-focused health care.
Portrait of George McCoy

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

UNC began treating blood disorders in 1947 — setting the stage for major breakthroughs in hemophilia and HIV
Diane Pozefsky poses on campus

Diane Pozefsky

Diane Pozefsky is a research professor and director of undergraduate studies in the UNC College of Arts & Sciences Department of Computer Science. Pozefsky’s expertise includes software engineering and the social, legal, and ethical issues concerning information technology. She also helped build the networks for the 1998 Nagano Olympics and the IBM Corporation.
Margaret Jones poses on campus.

Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones is a graduate student studying geological sciences in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences. Her thesis work involves developing a shoreline-change model to determine coastal responses to climate change.
Portrait of William Leuchtenburg in his study, in front of a typewriter.

Getting to Know the American Presidents

Emeritus UNC College of Arts & Sciences history professor William Leuchtenburg talks his new book, 20th-century presidents, and the personal experiences that shaped his understanding of them.
Uma Shankar poses in front of a lake with a fountain on campus

Uma Shankar

Uma Shankar is a research associate in the Center for Environmental Modeling for Policy Development within the UNC Institute for the Environment. Her research focuses on air quality and its climate impacts.