Illustration of a baby in an incubator, crying, with the words "Warning: Smoke During Pregnancy Can Harm Your Baby." above it and the phone number "1-800-QUIT-NOW" below.

Cigarettes: The Big Picture

Will graphic warnings motivate people to quit smoking?
Photo of an older Egyptian woman casting her vote during the second round of a referendum.

Election Selection

Around the world, Andy Reynolds helps new democracies live up to the name.
Illustration of someone getting a vaccine to help prevent the flu.

The Defense Against Flu

Obesity makes influenza more dangerous. But it may also give us clues about how to stop potentially fatal flu earlier.
Portrait of Kim Gaetzbetterqual.

Cleaning up Air Quality

A UNC researcher investigates why North Carolina teachers are having trouble breathing—in their own classrooms.
Portrait of Maggie Kovach.

Beat the Heat

As summer approaches, Maggie Kovach is finding ways for North Carolinians to avoid getting sick from the sun.
Old photo of the O'Neal children.

The Family Disease

Cystic fibrosis took five of her siblings at a young age. Now, Wanda O’Neal is part of a team of UNC researchers searching for reasons why. Their latest work provides insight that will help unravel why a sixth sibling with CF is living a productive life as he turns 50.
Portrait of Bryan Davis.

Plotting a Prisoner’s Parole

If you're sentenced to life in prison, you might eventually be released through parole. But what are the chances a prisoner with a life sentence will actually get parole? A UNC researcher dug through years of data to find out.
Photo of Tim Ronan burying a cable to a solar panel into the dirt, overlooking the Llaima volcano.

Tracking the Earth’s Heart Beats

A team of researchers uses cutting-edge technology to better predict when and how one of South America’s most active volcanoes will erupt.
Microscopic image of Single stem cells and paneth cells on a dish.

Extreme Cell Makeover

Mini-guts help researchers isolate and track stem cells to improve intestinal health.
Illustration of a family of three riding in a self-driving car away from a city.

More Processors, More Problems

Driverless cars were supposed to be right around the corner. What’s the holdup?
Photo of Dinesh Manocha and Carl Schissler help someone testing out their VR-headphones display.

What’s in a Sound?

UNC researchers are making waves—literally—with groundbreaking advancements in sound technology.
Portrait of Ned Sharpless in the lab.

Sleep for Cells

With new funding, a UNC startup is poised to halt the most devastating effects of chemotherapy.