Photo of Gabriel Cummings and Heather Hunt looking of paper and discussing.

Grow your own way

UNC researchers are helping Warren County officials find ways to boost local business without sacrificing their rural quality of life.
Illustration of a red car attacking/running into a green car

The Signal and the Noise

Henrik Dohlman discovered why seemingly identical cells might react differently to the drugs we use to battle diseases.
Scan of mice bones showing the level of fat in bone marrow. Far left: femur bones in sedentary mice fed a regular diet. This bone shows a medium amount of bone marrow fat. Second from left: exercising mice fed a regular diet. This shows very little amount of bone marrow fat. Third from left: sedentary mice fed a high-fat diet. This bone shows the highest amount of bone marrow fat. Far right: mice fed a high-fat diet but allowed to exercise. This bone shows a medium amount of bone marrow fat, although slightly higher than the far left bone.

Fat of the Bone

Maya Styner shows how a high-fat diet, exercise, and diabetes medications can change the insides of our bones.
Photo of Jeff Dangl in the greenhouse.

The Business of Bugs

Microbes bring agricultural biotechnology to the Triangle.
A digitally enhanced image of the mucin matrix.

It’s the Mucins that Matter

UNC Marsico Lung Institute researchers overturn a controversial study and show how too many mucin proteins in mucus can worsen cystic fibrosis.

Stop the pain before it starts

UNC researchers have discovered a new target for chronic pain treatment.
Photo of BrdzNBz promotional items, two pens, two tubes of chapstick, and sticky notes, all with the Birds and Bees slogan.

The birds and the bees—in text messages

A journalism PhD student helps market a new kind of sex ed.
Close up photo of an oyster reef off the coast of North Carolina.

Better than Bulkheads

Where N.C. rivers meet the sea, oysters can protect the land, fish, and human habitat.
Photo of a Malawi woman and her baby.

Will Big Science Cure AIDS?

The story of UNC’s decades-long fight against HIV and its implications for the battle against other deadly diseases.
Portrait of Penny Abernathy

Saving Community Journalism

UNC students and faculty help community newspapers in North Carolina and across the country transform their product for the digital age.
Photo of three children crouched down, eating food off of plates on the ground.

Safer Supplements

Millions of children live with anemia, and treating it can be dangerous. Carla Cerami’s lab wants to make it safe to take iron throughout the developing world.
Photo of a baby with an eye infection.

The Shedding Effect

UNC microbiologists pinpoint a gene that makes RSV one of the deadliest infections a baby can get.