Portrait of Adrienne Bonar on campus

Adrienne Bonar

Junior Adrienne Bonar is an undergraduate research assistant at the Carolina Affective Science Lab who is double-majoring in psychology and women’s and gender studies. Her research focuses on how people’s body states and knowledge about emotions shape their emotional experiences.
Researcher Carlee Forbes pulls a statue from a cabinet.

Colors of Colonial Congo

Belgium’s control of the Congo in the early 20th century had a profound impact on native artists. Carlee Forbes, a UNC art history researcher, is looking for clues to better understand how and why.
Portrait of Jes Bolduc on campus

Jesalyn Bolduc

Jesalyn Bolduc is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Basic and Translational Research at the Thurston Arthritis Research Center. Her research focuses on the processes in the body that are responsible for aging, as well as aging associated diseases such as osteoarthritis.
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Protecting New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina

Protecting New Orleans 10 Years After Katrina
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The Biologist and the Butterflies

Laura Hamon spent her summer studying butterflies and what they can tell us about our changing climate.

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The Shark Scientists

The UNC Institute of Marine Sciences has the country’s oldest, longest-running shark research program. Started in 1971 by Frank Schwartz, researchers have been tagging sharks in North Carolina’s coastal waters for over 40 years.
screen grab of kids at the SUCCEED science faire. Click to start video.

Inspiring Young Scientists: SUCCEED Inc

How can we enhance STEM education? How can we get students excited about science? Four students at UNC may have an answer.

To the Heart of the Earth

In January 2015, a team of researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill, Boise State University, Georgia State University, and Michigan State University, set out to complete an expedition on one of South America’s most active volcanos.

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A day in the life of an undergraduate researcher

Carrie Hamilton spends most of her days (and often late nights) working on her independent research - but she says it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her college career thus far.

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Taking Control: Positive Action in Robeson County

Researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill have been working with schools in Robeson County to integrate Positive Action lessons into the classroom. The curriculum is designed to help students learn how to think critically about their emotions, and how best to react to challenging situations.

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Giving at-risk teens a second chance

For the past four years, UNC-Chapel Hill researchers have been working with officials in Robeson County to reduce youth violence there. Instead of receiving jail time and a criminal record, teenagers who get charged with a first-offense misdemeanor, like fighting at school, go through a teen court hearing.

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Life along the river

Jack Largess ‘16 spent his summer documenting people, places, and history along the Catawba River.
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